Cargo Bikes for Business

unionst-porter-bannerCargo bikes make good business sense.  For moving packages around congested city centres, few other methods can match cargo bikes on cost, speed and reliability. Cargo bikes are also great at generating customer interest thanks to their eye-catching and unusual design.

Key benefits

  • Door-to-door access to virtually all city-centre locations
  • They’re often able to deliver more packages in a day than their van-driving equivalent
  • Bikes are much more reliable in congested towns and cities. They are less susceptible to traffic and delays
  • Lower running costs than motor vehicles
  • Easier parking when making drop-offs and collections, improving overall efficiency
  • Cheaper hire and purchase rates than vans or cars
  • Much lower environmental impact
  • Safer vehicles for the city’s inhabitants
  • Eye-catching vehicles that help promote your business and its values
  • The running costs associated with bikes are considerably lower than a car or van
  • Much lower fixed costs such as insurance and depreciation