Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cargo bikes easy to ride?

Cargo bikes are longer than conventional bikes and have a turning circle similar to a small car. Experienced bike riders should adapt to riding a cargo bike very quickly (normally in under ten minutes). Less experienced riders may require longer. We advise people to spend a short time riding the bike on low-traffic, or no-traffic, roads until they are familiar with the handling characteristics of the bike.

How far can i go?

The powered range of the cargo bike is approximately 50 kilometres, when using a low level of electrical assistance, however the range is very dependent on the terrain covered and the level of assistance the rider selects.

The bike can easily be ridden unpowered, although the weight of cargo will make hill climbing more difficult.

Do I need to leave a deposit when i hire one?

We ask for deposits from individual members of the public. We sometimes waive this for established businesses – please check beforehand to see if you are eligible for the deposit waiver.

We reserve the right to refuse loaning out our electric bikes to individuals, or businesses, if we are concerned the equipment is not going to be used properly, or that we believe the rider is not proficient enough to ride the bike.

Do I need insurance?

We insure the bikes for damage to third parties, as well as theft and vandalism, however the person who loans out the bike is responsible for the excess in the event of loss or damage. If the loss or damage results from the rider ignoring stipulations in the terms and conditions then they will be held responsible for all the costs of repair and replacement.

We do not insure the bike rider for personal injury and encourage people to take out their own personal injury insurance (the CTC and British Cycling are able to provide this).